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That's what you do when you see the red light, or signage. That's what you should do when pulled over for traffic violations. You just stop.

STOP begging people to see you, to hear you, to heal you, to help you, to read you, to write you. Stop pinning for them to like you, accept you, to lift you, to raise you, to call you, to work with you, to endorse you, to believe you, to be with you or to love you.

STOP excusing the busyness of those dispassionate about your cause. The indifference of those uncommitted to your growth. The non-conviction of those bemused by your aspirations, and the downright amusement of those who think your goals are fair entertainment.

STOP believing vague cliches and self limiting lies. Negative vibes from hives of those who don't know your story. No.They don't have to answer when you call, heaven don't help those who help themselves, and you don't always have to put yourself out there.

STOP relieving memories better forgotten, re-opening wounds already rotten, rehashing trash not worth stashing. It's okay to NOT be their priority, that shouldn't feed any inferiority. People make time for things they consider important to them. Hey, even presidents and CEOs find the time to play!!

Dethrone them now. Grow. Walk. Leave. Work. Alone.

STOP selling yourself short. Life is in stages and relevance is built on references over time. Sometimes you earn, sometimes you learn. Sometimes you're invisible, sometimes you are invincible. Sometimes you grow, sometimes you show. Joel Osteen said; 'it takes time for your annointing to meet your appointing'

STOP accepting ridicule when you're in fact a miracle. They didn't make you, so they can't bake you in their heat. If they don't help you breathe, why let them make you seethe. They don't own you, only you can disown you.

STOP! And realise that the first step to becoming all you were created to be is to understand how much you matter. I have learned that; Your master key to 'Becoming' is to stop acting Unbecoming.

STOP. Here's your speed ticket with love.

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Posted by Eden Onwuka

As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker, Eden offers workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding personal and professional growth for individuals and corporate organizations through study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods. Working together to move you and/or your team or organization in the desired direction of your goals.

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