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The all-time favorite Christmas Classic (abridged) goes like this… "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Had a shiny nose, All other reindeers laughed and called him names; They never let poor the poor guy join in reindeer games.

THEN one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came and said, Hey Rudolph with your nose’s light, can you guide my sleigh tonight? Then ALL the reindeers suddenly loved him And shouted out with glee, Rudolph You'll go down in history…"

Okay. Not intending to break your light hearted merry tra la la, but there are vital lessons Rudolf can teach us:

~Rejection: A Typical response of hasty experiential to Unseen potential. As old as time.
~Cliques Don’t Click: If they keep Excluding you, just keep Improving you.
~Stay Grounded: Don’t personalize Criticism or over internalize Compliments.
~Flee Mob Mindset: If they don’t Stand with you they’ll soon Withstand you.
~Stand Out: If you won’t Tone down your strengths, you’ll eventually Hone your skills.
~Serve: Never pass up an opportunity to serve. The Selfless become Priceless.
~Turn It Around: You can turn your Oddity into Valued Commodity
~Look Up: Your Uniqueness will be appreciated by those that are mentally mature than you
~Think Long-term: Don’t allow Present Jeers keep you from Future Cheers.
~No Bandwagons: Crowd Judgement will always Cloud Judgment.
~Remain Consistent: There’ll be a foggy season where your red-nosed brightness is discovered
~Focus: If you keep defending your Story you’ll never make History
~Grow: Patiently let your Success over time become your greatest argument or vindication
~Network Upwards: A‘Santa’ or Destiny Helper can raise you above the Reindeer pack
~Reign: Where others are content with being normal(Reindeer) don't be. Choose to Reign There!

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